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worry free book design 
from concept
to final product

Discount for
new authors



over 20 years of design & publishing experience


interior of books

incorporates continuity with cover design



can use
custom illustration,

or iconic typographic solutions

Delivery of
book files


properly prepared
for  printer & 
print-on-demand (POD) technologies 

books can include simple text-driven use or layouts that include

images, pull quotes & sidebars

typographic usage & integrated contents using images, graphs,
quotes & sidebars for creating a unified
experience to the reader

to creatively execute memorable,

original, eye-catching concepts

e-book conversions

of your final book

for sale and reading on

digital devices.

Historical fiction, thrillers, YA teen romances, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, a mystery series with recurring characters—the genres are endless when it comes to novels. When your manuscript is finished, now you need a design and layout for the interior of your book and an eye-catching, memorable cover that conveys to readers what the story is about, and makes them feel they can’t wait to read it

Referrals picked up my finished manuscripts & delivers books I am proud to publish & sell. Dawn designs from cover to cover including title graphics, interior type and  layout choices, and relevant photo or art research. She matched my expectations with creative & detail oriented expertise. I was very pleased with my first book, The West Bluff and wanted her for my next book, Shoals Bluff. Both have outstanding results & complimented on by my readers. They're are outstanding books, inside & out! Thank you, Dawn.

Jon Bunn, Mayhaw Press

I've received numerous compliments on the engaging book cover designed by for my novel. Dawn's solution matched the theme of my book perfectly. I was also pleased with the professional look of the layout she provided. Dawn consistently listened to feedback and worked collaboratively with me throughout the process.                                                                                                                  William McClain, The Risk in Crossing Borders

Whether you are interested in publishing a book containing your original course content or customizing your experience in an existing profession to use your book as a sales tool for your business, we can design a “How-To” book that brings your expertise to others and helps you brand your professional experiences.


Thanks for all your good thinking and hard work in making my book shine and look like such a winner

Bill Straubinger, The Essential Problem Solver.

I am very pleased with the cover design and interior layout  done by Dawn Daisley at
My book involves music and the artistic blending of musical notes, colorful background and instrument was perfect.  I also really liked the way the text flowed with
the break out boxes used to guide the reader with  information. Dawn was easy to collaborate with and came up with the design I wanted.  Liz Efroymson,
Classical Gigs: A Guide for Working Musicians

Beautiful decorative books printed and bound as in hard or soft cover. These could be photography or artistic imagery, fashion chronologies, artists’ anthologies, scenic gardens or landscapes, collections. Some can be whimsical while others seem spiritual. These might be books destined to become the quintessential coffee table books, or special limited editions, designed for celebrating corporate histories, anniversaries, birthdays or other milestones or a “thank you” for clients, donors or staff


Dawn was my go-to source when I was writing my book. She took me through the whole process. She set it up beautifully, helped me make friends with my brand new Mac, made an implausible task plausible. Dawn does everything professionally and with such ease. I am pleased to recommend her.

Barbara Brownyard, Sitting in the Silence

Eye-catching, vibrant colors & artistic layouts are the key to inspiring young minds. We have a worldwide network of photographers and illustrators to provide the perfect artistic complement for your story-telling.

Your cookbook needs professionally designed pages which can incorporate photos and even favorite stories to accompany all those yummy recipes. We can use page layouts that work for you either by combining photos and recipes on a single page, or by adding large full-page images to a recipe. And of course, you will need a Table of Contents and indexes.

A very popular genre these days, some memoirs become best-sellers because they address issues that touch many people’s lives. Other memoirs and autobiographies are more personal, chronicling an individual’s or family’s life over time, and are intended to become  keepsakes of family history, photos, and stories. Whether your memoir or autobiography is intended for a mass audience or for distribution within your family, it should look professional.

eBooks from an existing published book or as an original publication. eBooks represent about 20% of all books sold, especially in the fiction category. Many novelists start out by publishing their book first in eBook format, and then add the print format when their eBook becomes popular enough to justify the expense.  Still, the eBook must have the same level of professional design as a print book, whether you are planning to distribute it widely or among family and friends.


Dawn is a consummate professional. In designing brochures and e-booklets for our company, she was attentive to our creative brief. She brought us a range of stylish, strategically aligned design options. She was always on time, and her turnaround in the editing phase was outstanding.  Mark Gleason,

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