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book cover design

Cover design starts with your manuscript, researching your audience and a determining a competitive title in order to stand out and be noticed. A range of custom cover designs to choose from. Will work with you to achieve the desired look that is right for your audience. And yes, books are judged by their covers.

book layout design

Do you have a simple text-driven book or do you have many images, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars to include? We’ll make sure your book layout is consistent and typographically attractive. Interior book layout ranges from the simple to the most complicated formats that can also feature various specialty printing and binding techniques.

editorial services

Available network of editors to make sure your manuscript reads well, which is as important as the design and layout. We can provide developmental editors to help with organization and consistency, and plot and character development in novels, and copyeditors and proofreaders to make sure your manuscript is ready for its debut, free of errors.

author websites

Provides an meeting place to connect with your audience, a place where readers can meet you as an author and interact with you. 


Our branding service may include developing a logo for your indie publishing venture, or creating essential marketing collateral in the form of business cards, brochures, displays, and advertisements, ensuring that your brand is consistent across all of your marketing venues.


package — $2,800

(This is only for text driven books ranging between 200 to 250 pages)

  • 3-6 unique cover concepts

  • Book layout design with  limited extras (graphs, images, charts etc)

  • 3 rounds of revisions of both the cover and layout

  • Preparation of press ready files

Per page design options for more customized work

level 1 interior design

This level is for authors with largely text-driven content who want to deliver a clear, straightforward message with their books. Genres that commonly fall into this category include memoirs, family histories and fiction novels. Level 1 is priced at $1.75 per page.

level 2 interior design

This level allows for more complicated layouts and advanced features that require time-intensive formatting. Books at this level are often intended for specialized purposes, such as religious texts, poetry books, technical manuals, scholarly works and other non-fiction. Level 2 is priced at $3.25 per page.

level 3 interior design

This level is designed to craft a professionally detailed book interior, full of rich design and detail. These are the coffee-table books! Common features at this level include special sidebars, decorative elements, special charts and professional photo treatments. Level 3 is priced at $4.75 per page.


cover design level 1 

Cover design level 1 is for authors who already have an idea of what they want on their covers. It is when the author has all the "pieces" but not the necessary software or expertise to design a cover. Level 1 creates and supplies cover files that are print-on-demand (POD) Level 1 covers are simple designs that focuses on a single element or concept. Cover Design level 1 is priced at $199.

cover design level 2 

Cover design level 2 works one-on-one with you to design a completely unique cover. Incorporates all of the subtle book-industry design standards to deliver a professional, polished cover. Original photography, illustrations or stock art prices are not included. Cover Design level 2 is priced at $499.

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